Here's the story in short. I drew several pictures for family members as Christmas presents this last year. To my surprise, there was quite a response. Not only from those I gave the pictures to, but also from many people that saw them. Since then, I have been fortunate to receive a handful of clients requesting hand drawn portraits. Some to be given as gifts, others for personal collections. Now, I have decided to make an attempt to get more clients and see where this might go from here.

Below are several drawings created as Christmas presents. As I finish other drawings, I will post them too. Please contact me for further information if you are interested in something like this. I can tell you first hand that it makes a great gift. As I mentioned before, the response I received from my family that received them was quite powerful.

I am in the process of creating more formal avenues for inquiring and placing orders. Until then, your help in spreading links to this page would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi!! i just stumbled onto your blog and thing you are amazing!! I am wondering what you charge and how long it takes to can email me at thanks